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Discover the Many Health Benefits of Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning

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In the market for a new vacuum?

Call Brody’s Dry for a SEBO X4, and you won’t have to spend money on another disposable machine.

German made Sebo vacuums are the world’s best and built to last for your lifetime.  Call Brody’s Dry for a free demonstration.  If you prefer the healthiest environment for your family, then say no to disposable vacuums!  In the Kansas City Metro area call (816) 895-7000.  In east Texas call (903) 571-0663.

Are you familiar with the Sebo Premium vacuum line?

This machine is designed to last for 30 years and will drastically improve your household health and cleanliness more than the vacuum you currently own.

Brody’s Dry is proud to be a new authorized SEBO vacuum dealer.  These German made vacuums are truly the world’s best.


“What a revolution… no bags, no worries…how easy and cost-effective!!” Most bagless vacuums are:

  • unsanitary
  • unhealthy
  • not effective
  • quickly lose suction
  • made of flimsy plastic
  • do not last very long and
  • are more expensive to operate & maintain.

This could include popular models such as Dyson & Shark. 

Did you know Consumer Reports only recommends “bagged,” vacuum cleaners for people with asthma, allergies & pets?  If you’re looking for the healthiest environment for your family or business, get rid of your disposable bagless vacuum!

German made SEBO X4 vacuums are a premium line of vacuums, voted the world’s best.  They last a lifetime and are the most technologically advanced machines made. These are the only vacuums being used in the White House and Buckingham Palace.  Call or text Brody’s Dry today to choose your X4 color! (816) 895-7000 (in Kansas City) or (903) 571-0663 (in east Texas).  Visit www.sebo.us if you’re not familiar with the world’s smartest & healthiest vacuum cleaners.

Call Brody’s Dry for a Sebo demo today! (903) 571-0663

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