Congratulations, Kansas City…we’ve FINALLY made it to Spring! After our particularly brutal winter, it’s going to be especially nice to remember what sunshine feels like! If you’re like most homeowners, Spring is the time when you start making plans to freshen up your living spaces after being closed-in for months. Here’s 7 reasons why a call to Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning needs to be at the top of your to-do list for Spring cleaning!

  1. Stain Removal. Our harsh winter was not kind to our carpets! The professionals at Brody’s Dry are stain removal experts, and can make your worst carpet stains disappear like magic!
  2. Color and Texture Restoration. Dust and dirt particles act like sandpaper on the surface of your carpet, breaking down fibers every time you walk on it. If these particles are not removed, they can cause permanent fraying of the fibers, resulting in a dull, dirty look.
  3. Odor elimination. When the weather is frightful, our furry friends don’t like going outside any more than we do, which can lead to increased accidents on your carpets. Brody’s Dry professionals are experts in pet stain and odor removal, and use products that are the most effective on the market. And because we use a dry system, the stains and odors won’t return!
  4. Improved Air Quality. The HOST cleaning system used by Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning removes over 98% of the dust, allergens, pollen and pet and insect dander that is hiding between your carpet fibers. By removing these elements from your carpets, you stop releasing them into the air in your home, improving your family’s health.
  5. Dust Mite Removal. Did you know that 90% of common house dust is made up of our discarded skin cells? This provides an all-you-can eat buffet for dust mites, which in turn can lead to bacteria build-up in your carpets. Even if you vacuum regularly, your carpets require professional cleaning to remove the mites that have settled deep within the fibers.
  6. Mold Growth Prevention. Unlike carpet cleaning companies that rely on steam, Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning uses very little water during the cleaning process, and carpets are “clean and dry before we say goodbye.” This dry process inhibits mold growth, which can be a problem in the Midwest during our rainy springs and a humid summers.
  7. Investment Protection. Most homeowners don’t look forward to the cost and hassle of replacing their carpeting. The particles from dust and dirt not only make your carpet look terrible, but over time they can fray the fibers and permanently damage your floor covering. Extend the life of your carpets with regular spring cleanings from Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning and enjoy your floor coverings for years to come!

If you’re ready to get your home clean, healthy and ready for Spring, give us a call today to schedule your FREE estimate! Give us a ring at (816) 895-7000 or just click HERE.