At Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning, we know how a clean house can translate positively into other areas of our client’s lives. When their floor coverings are stain and odor free, they are able to enjoy their living spaces and relax at the end of a long day. They are more social and don’t let dirty carpet keep them from inviting friends over to watch the big game. And since our HOST cleaning method actually improves air quality, they breathe better and don’t spend as much time fighting allergies or illnesses

The idea that clean homes lead to better lives has recently received national attention, as Marie Kondo has taken over Netflix with her “de-clutter” series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Each episode sees Kondo helping new people to declutter their homes.

“Marie guides people who are at a crossroads and resolved to finally tackle the clutter blocking their joy, transforming lives in emotional and surprising ways,” says Netflix.

Watching families improve their health, their relationships and their families’ lives by cleaning up has sparked a national phenomenon, as Americans begin to purge their homes of everything that doesn’t “spark joy,” as Marie says. Thrift stores report record numbers of donations, charity clothes closets that are usually sparse this time of year are packed with no room to spare.

The idea that “less is more” when it comes to your homes doesn’t just speak to clutter, however. A common thread with each home where Marie works her magic is that once the rooms are tidy, more floor surface is visible. Patches of carpet and tile, sometimes covered for years, are now exposed. And sometimes the initial results aren’t pretty.

Whatever you uncover when tiding up…

Brody’s can make it disappear!

Fortunately, the professionals at Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning can make those newly rediscovered areas of your floor spaces clean and usable once again. Our patented HOST system can remove stains and odors that have been hiding for years, giving your home a fresh new start. And best of all, since we use barely any moisture to clean your floors, you can invite people over to enjoy your new space right away!

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