We’re in the home stretch of 2017—it’s time for out with the old, in with the new. Unless Santa left a stack of cash in your stocking, replacing your carpet probably isn’t what you have planned for the new year. Carpets get replaced on average every seven years, and most replacements are completed during a home remodel or when a home is being sold or purchased. If major renovations are not in your immediate future, and you plan to remain in your home for years to come, it’s important to take steps to keep your carpet looking great as long as possible. As we head into 2018, the professional team at Brody’s Dry has put together 5 New Year’s Resolutions to keep your carpets in great shape through the new year and beyond!

  1. Keep the dirt outside. There’s a reason that many cultures remove their shoes before entering a home: research has shown that it takes up to 17 steps inside a home before dirt stops being deposited on the carpet! Dirt tracked onto the surface of a carpet eventually sifts into the backing and grinds away at the fibers like sandpaper, literally wearing it out over time. Damaged fibers also reflect light differently, causing high-traffic areas to look dull and dirty even after a cleaning. Consider keeping a “boot tray” for holding shoes at the entry to your home, and encourage guests to place their shoes in the tray. If this seems over-the-top for you, place heavy-duty entry mats at the entrances to your home.
  2. Spot clean. Many carpets come with “Stain protector” and “Stain Warranties.” However, you must still be vigilant to clean spills and spots from the carpet. If a spot isn’t treated, it can damage the carpet fibers and become a permanent stain. And when you clean the spot, be gentle! Remember that carpet fibers are delicate and can be damaged with scrubbing. Use our handy stain guide to determine the best solution for your spots and spills, apply just a little of the solution, and blot gently. You might need to repeat this process multiple times. For stains that won’t budge, we recommend using Sunzyme products, which can be purchased HERE.
  3. Vacuum regularly. How much vacuuming is “regular?” With an active family, you should vacuum at least twice a week. And a once-over usually isn’t good enough—you’ll need 4-6 passes in high traffic areas and half that many in low areas to grab the surface dirt. Make sure your vacuum is working properly: the bag or cylinder is less than half full, the brush belt should be tight, and the brushes shouldn’t be worn or full or lint and hair. And all your efforts can be worth nothing if your vacuum isn’t up to speed! To makes sure you are using the best tools available for your needs, we recommend German-made SEBO X4 vacuums. SEBO vacuums are a premium line of vacuums, voted the world’s best. They last a lifetime and are the most technologically advanced machines made. They are also the only vacuums being used in the White House and Buckingham Palace. To learn more about these products or to schedule a SEBO demonstration in your home, click HERE.
  4. Rotate furniture. Foot traffic is hard on carpet, as it wears down the fibers as mentioned above. To avoid concentrated foot traffic in one area, it’s best to rearrange your furniture to create different traffic patterns every six months or so. You will prevent premature wear areas by moving your furniture around.
  5. Call a professional. Most carpet warranties suggest a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year, and every 6-8 months if you have pets or an active family. It’s important to schedule a cleaning BEFORE your carpet is visibly soiled (read why HERE). Regular maintenance is important, and showing receipts of regular professional cleanings is important if you ever need to file a claim under your carpet warranty. Not every type of “professional cleaning” is equally effective. For the most thorough, long-lasting clean, seek out a “dry extraction” service rather than steam. Read more about the differences HERE. At Brody’s Dry, we use the Host Dry Extraction Cleaning System. This patented system is green certified and second to none in quality deep cleaning, and also improves the overall health of your home by improving indoor air quality by 85%.

If you’re ready to get your home clean, healthy and ready for the new year, give us a call today to schedule your FREE estimate!Give us a ring at (816) 895-7000 or just click HERE. As 2017 comes to a close, we want to thank you for the support and loyalty you have shown us over the life of our business. From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and blessed 2018!